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  Revolutionary CO2 Bricks Twice as Strong by GASCEMENT

CO2, or carbon dioxide, is the most prevalent greenhouse gas in the world. It helps regulate the temperature, keeping it from alternating between freezing and boiling every rotation. However, CO2 will soon have another use, this time as a construction material.

A firm called Gas Cement is on the verge of changing the way the entire world constructs buildings. Normal bricks are typically created from clay, shale, or other common materials. Gas Cement has revolutionized that technology by creating bricks from a mixture of silica (found in sand) and CO2.

The results are nothing short of stunning. These “CO2 Gas Cement bricks” are about 2.5 times as strong as normal bricks but only take a single day to harden to that level of strength. Traditional bricks can take up to in one day to fully harden.

Future Uses

Besides replacing traditional bricks with a sturdier and quicker replacement, a CO2 structure built from these bricks can be raised in a fraction of the time a regular building would require. The firm even believes these rebuilding materials could be used to construct earthquake proof buildings without the reliance on steel frames and other stabilizing materials.

A CO2 structure would mainly rely on silica and CO2, which are both plentiful and inexpensive. The material is strengthened by inorganic compounds like silica, but cost should still be much less than normal bricks. The technology has the potential to replace concrete and other construction materials. With an estimated building lifespan of 50 years, CO2 structures could become the norm in every society

Gascement, a subsidiary of Arys GmbH >>
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