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Gascement is a new building material for the production of finished parts, such as blocks and slabs, and floor layout on the exterior and interior areas, eg and screed floors.

Gascement is mixed with sand or similar filler. The amount used is 5-10% for sand and is then compressed in a mold or on the floor by vibration or by stomping.

The curing takes place in seconds by inserting or "Beduschen" with carbon dioxide gas.

Small amount of binder, low cost

Small amount of water

Long processing time (48 hours)

Fast cure (60 sec)

Immediately accessible, suitable

Vapor permeability

High compressive strength

Weather-resistant, resistant to frost

Attractive appearance with design options in all colors and shapes (eg, such as sandstone or marble)

With a light suitable filler material (eg hollow glass Kogelnik) for the production of insulating boards

For cavity sealing and quick fix

For soil stabilization and road construction

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